Can you predetermine the sex of a baby before conception? This is the primary question that most couples have been asking when they want to conceive a child of a specific gender. While science indicates that the chances of getting a baby girl or boy are 50:50, new studies are indicating that there are tactics that can be utilized to raise the chances of getting a baby girl.

Here, you need to appreciate the term “chances.” This term is used at this point because the available methods only raise the possibilities of getting a baby girl. Indeed, none of the methods guarantees you of 100% assurance of getting the preferred gender. This is a summary of top four methods that that both researchers and couples agree help with conceiving a baby girl.

Use sex positions that promote shallow penetration

This method is premised on the nature of the sperms. The female sperms (with X chromosomes) are stronger, hardier, and have a longer tail. However, they swim slowly through the cervix towards the fallopian tubes.

Unlike the female sperms, the male sperms (With Y chromosomes) are smaller and have shorter tails. Though they are faster on shorter distance, they can only last for a very short time once ejaculated in the birth canal.

The sex positions that help to conceive a baby girl target giving the female sperms a better chance to move and meet the egg. This means one thing; getting deposited closest to the opening of the vagina. By using sex positions that only facilitate shallow penetration; the male sperms will tire off and even die before reaching the egg to fertilize it. This will give an advantage to the hardier female sperms. Here are the top sex positions that will help you conceive a girl.

  • The missionary style.
  • The spooning position.
  • The girl on top sex position.

You are also discouraged from orgasm because it makes the birth canal more alkaline which promotes faster movement of the male sperms.

how to conceive a baby girl naturally

The timing method to conceive a baby girl

The timing method is a very important strategy when trying to conceive a baby girl. The method uses the same premise that female sperms are stronger and can last longer than the male sperms. The secret of the method is identifying the exact time of ovulation and ensure that the female sperms are waiting to fertilize the egg when it comes down to the fallopian tubes.

When your body ovulates, having sex at that point would give the faster traveling male sperms a better chance to fertilize the egg. That will give you a baby boy, and is not what you want. Therefore, you need to have sex about four days before ovulation so that the male sperms will have tired and probably died. This leaves the hardier female sperms to fertilize the egg and get you a girl. Between the last period and about four days to ovulation, you are also encouraged to have sex as much as possible for assurance that there will be ample female sperms waiting to fertilize the egg.

Researchers have also demonstrated that a lot more girls are conceived between March and May. Therefore, you are encouraged to time ovulation appropriately and focus on conceiving a baby girl between March and May.

Using the right foods that help to keep body fluids slightly acidic

The dietary theory employed in conceiving a baby girl is premised on the idea that acidic environments favor the female chromosomes by extending the survival rate and facilitating faster movement. Because the cervical mucus becomes light and alkaline during ovulation, the foods you take should target enhancing the acidity of the uterus and birth canal. Here are some of the foods to go for to conceive a baby girl.

  • Citrus fruits
  • Orange juices
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Berries
  • Daily products
  • Whole grain foods
  • Salmon and sea fish
  • Beef and chicken

As you select the ideal foods to help you conceive a baby girl, it is also important to aim at picking the healthy options that will prepare the body for conception. This means staying away from junk, selecting immune boosting options and keeping off alcohol.

Go for the Chinese gender calendar to conceive a baby girl

The Chinese gender calendar has emerged as one of the top strategies couples prefer today to select the gender of their children. The method was developed around the 13th century in China and represents the map of the sky that articulately corresponds to the woman’s point of conception.

The Chinese gender calendar uses two important components to help determine the time when the chances of conceiving a girl are more; mother’s lunar age at conception, and Chinese lunar age at conception. The two components are used to generate a gender conception chart that you can follow to know the time when to conceive a baby girl.

To use the Chinese baby calendar chart to conceive a girl, you could opt to use the original Chinese lunar gender chart or the converted version. The converted version follows the standard western Gregorian calendar that makes it very easy to use. Here are steps to follow to conceive a baby girl.

  • Identify the Chinese/ Gregorian translated table for the year you want to conceive. This is very easy because the charts are available in years. For example, you can use the 2018 calendar provided below if looking forward to conceiving a girl in 2018.
  • Check the rows on the chart and follow the ones that point at the intervals including the date of birth for the lady (woman anticipating to conceive) and note the cells marked “G” (girl).
  • On each cell, look for the Gregorian intervals shown on the right titles of the corresponding column to get the intervals when you have the best chances of conceiving a girl.

The final take

The outlined methods are considered the best options when looking forward to conceiving a girl. Notably, no single method can be considered ideal for every woman. Therefore, the couples are encouraged to make sure they combine the methods to get better results. For example, you can combine the timing method with the timing strategy to increase the chances of the female sperm meeting the egg and fertilizing it. No matter the method you go for, ensure to take the right foods and a daily dose of folic acid. recommends Ashley Spencer's Conceive A Baby Girl Guide to help you with selecting your baby's gender. Their proven methods have a success rate of 92%. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!
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