What is the best method that will help me get a baby girl? This is a question that many parents who already have boys or strongly prefer girls ask. If you are unsure of the common methods to conceive a girl or have tried them and not gotten results, it is time to go for the Chinese gender calendar.

This is an astronomical method for people gender selection that was crafted around the 13th century. This post demystifies the calendar to determine how it works and using it to conceive a baby girl.

Important things to know about the Chinese gender calendar

  • The primary goal of the Chinese gender calendar method is establishing the intervals within which a woman can conceive a child of the preferred gender.
  • Having a preconception strategy is very crucial when using the Chinese gender calendar because once fetal sex has been selected, you cannot change it. What this implies is that you need to pick the gender appropriately before having sex.

How does the Chinese gender calendar work to one conceive a girl

The operation of the Chinese gender calendar uses two main factors to determine a child’s gender. The Chinese month of conception and the Chinese lunar age of the woman at the point of conception.

Figure 1: A demonstration of the two main factors of the Chinese gender calendar

The Chinese gender calendar is a unique method that utilizes temporal notions (special month and age) drawn from the Chinese Lunisolar Calendar. Note that though the calendar is also available in the standard Gregorian version, it is crucial to understand all the basics and articulately align the right dates with the Chinese Lunar month.

The method of determining conception intervals is relatively simple. You only need to read the Chinese conception chart. Indeed, everything is calculated so that you only require knowing the age of the women who want to conceive. The following are the main concepts used in the Chinese gender calendar.

The Chinese lunar year

Couples trying to conceive a baby girl need to know the Chinese lunar year. The year has 12 lunar months that are regular. However, another month is added every 2nd or 3rd lunar year. It is important that the couple tracks the Lunar year from the intercalary lunar month on every second or third moon after winter solstice.

The Chinese lunar month

This month commences with the new moon. These months are available for the period between 1901 and 2100. This calendar is available on the Hong Kong observatory page.

The Chinese lunar age

For a lady who is using her original age, ensure to understand how to get the right lunar age when the conception took place. The method for calculating the lunar age uses two things.
(i) You are deemed to have one complete lunar year at the point of birth.
(ii) An individual’s lunar age increases with one year when the lunar year passes after the point of birth.

The Chinese gender chart for a girl

The Chinese gender chart represents a map of the sky that corresponds to an individual’s point of conception. This chart is created with the universe map corresponding to the time of birth and location. The table has 12 columns which represent the twelve lunar months. Besides, the chart has 28 rows that indicate the lunar age values. Every cell has a value of the gender of preference, boy or girl.

  • The columns are conception.
  • The row refers to the mom age at conception.
  • The cells refer to the gender of the baby.

Figure 2: Chinese baby calendar of 2014 (the chart is presented in lunar values)

The Chinese baby calendar chart after conversion to Gregorian calendar

For those who find the Chinese version difficult to use, there is a converted version in the standard Gregorian calendar. Note that it is a direct representation of the Chinese values.

Figure 3: The translated Chinese Baby Calendar of 2014.

Note that the above two figures (2 and 3) are presentations for 2014 Chinese baby calendar. To conceive a baby girl in 2018, you need to use the latest version provided in figure 4.

Figure 4: Chinese Baby Calendar of 2018.

If you look closely at the chart, the values are not simply used for gender selection. They can also be applied for accurate prediction. This implies that you can tell whether the baby will be a girl or boy well ahead before conception.

Using the Chinese calendar baby chart

The first time you glance at the Chinese baby calendar chart, one can be tempted to think that it is very complex. But it is not. Indeed, you can even use the converted version. You only need to follow the chart to know the perfect point to conceive a baby girl. Here are the main steps to follow.

  • Identify the translated table for the year that you anticipate to conceive a girl. For example, if you want to conceive a baby girl in 2018, go for figure 4.
  • Follow the row titles to see the intervals that include mom’s date of birth.
  • On the title row, check the cells that are marked “G” (girl).
  • On the selected cell, check the Gregorian intervals displayed on the right title of the corresponding column. This is the interval when you have the best chance to conceive a baby girl.

The final take

The Chinese gender calendar is a unique method that was borrowed from the 13th century. It represents the actual map of the sky that points at the point when one was born. By utilizing the mother’s lunar age at conception and lunar month of conception, you are able to predict the best time to conceive a baby girl.

To increase the chances of getting a baby girl using the Chinese calendar, it is advisable to combine it with other tactics such as sex style that discourage deep penetration and foods that reduce alkalinity.

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