Are you looking forward to conceiving a baby girl? The right diet might be all that you need. In the United States, more girls than boys are born every year at a ratio of 1.04:1 (girls to boys). Though a number of methods that couples can use to have baby girls have been put forward, it is important to appreciate that they only seek to raise the chances of getting a specific gender. This post demonstrates the foods that you should use to raise the chances of conceiving a baby girl.

How diet works to enhance the chances of conceiving a girl

The dietary theory behind conceiving a baby girl is based on the idea that acidic environment favors female sperms (X chromosome sperms) to travel easily and fertilize the egg. The cervical mucus that is normally acidic and thick changes during ovulation. During this time, the mucus becomes thinner and more alkaline because the acidic environment that can kill the sperms.

In one of the studies done by scientists from Maastricht University in Holland, the scientists established that the female sperms are hardier and can survive in the acidic environment better than the male sperms. Therefore, the secret is ensuring that you promote this acidity to reduce the chances of the male sperms surviving to meet the egg. One of the top ingredients that will assist to raise the acidity of the uterus and birth canal is Vitamin C. Here are the top foods to consider.

Top ten foods to help you conceive a baby girl

Citrus fruits

To conceive a baby girl, make sure to include a lot of citrus fruits in most of the diets. The fruits are a major source of Vitamin C that helps to increase the acidity of the uterus. The fruits are also a reliable source of energy when you are trying to. It is important that you continue taking the fruits even after conception.

Orange juice

The orange juice, like citrus, will provide a lot of Vitamin C to your body and help raise the acidity of most secretions including those in the uterus. Orange juices are also very rich in other nutrients and minerals that you need during preconception, conception, and pregnancy. You should consider making oranges part of your regular diet all the time.

Fresh vegetables

If you raise the intake of green vegetables to about 150 grams every day, the chances of conceiving a baby girl also go up. Most vegetables such as green peas, beans, and carrots are low in calories and sodium but good suppliers of magnesium. One thing that you need to appreciate at this point is that alcohol should be avoided at all cost because it will negate the benefits that come from vegetables.

Include a lot of berries

Instead of munching cookies and fast foods, it is advisable to look for the berries. They are low in calories, supply a lot of vitamins, and help to keep the lady’s body healthy. Reproduction scientists insist that you should not take the eyes off the fact that the girl you are conceiving should be healthy and free from deformities. This is why you need to take as many berries as possible for the supply of special nutrients.

Whole grain foods

Whole grain foods are great suppliers of magnesium which is very important during conception. It is recommended that you should take about 300 milligrams of magnesium every day. One thing that you need to appreciate is the need to go slow on dieting when trying to conceive. In fact, go for whole grain foods and don’t mind adding a few pounds.

Daily products

The daily product should take a large portion of your diet when trying to conceive a baby girl. The logic of taking a lot of daily products is because they are principle sources of calcium that are crucial in the fertilization process. Some of these products include cheese and yogurt.

Include a lot of beef and chicken in your meals

One way of enhancing the acidity of body fluids is taking a lot of animal proteins especially beef and chicken. It is recommended that you take them as part of the regular diet for minerals supply, and enhancing body immunity.

Salmon and sea products

Sea fish is a great dietary option for people trying to conceive a baby girl and stay in great shape. Fish provides a lot of proteins, vitamin D, and fatty acids. This will not just assist to raise the acidity of body fluids, but will also go a long way in strengthening the body immunity.

Things that should go with appropriate diet when trying to conceive a baby girl

Because you are trying to increase the chances of getting a baby girl, it is important to look at the whole thing from a broader perspective. This implies that you should not just take the outlined foods and relax. You also need to do the following to raise the chances of getting a baby girl.

  • Have sex more starting from the end of the last period to about four days before the next ovulation. This means that you will also need to track when the next ovulation happens articulately.
  • Make sure to also get it right on sex positions. The sex position you go for should work well with the selected foods to facilitate easier movement of the female sperms than the male ones. Consider using the sex positions that only deposit the sperms closer to the entry of the vagina.
  • Make sure to also to put a lot of focus on the health of the baby to be conceived. This includes going for a preconception checkup and taking your regular dose of folic acid starting from 3 months before conception.

The final take

If you have been looking forward to conceiving a baby girl, it is time to reconsider the food you take. Get off junk and settle for more nutritious foods that will also promote acidity in the uterus and birth canal. Remember to look at the entire thing from a broad perspective so that every effort including the sex positions and timing are geared towards conceiving a baby girl. recommends Ashley Spencer's Conceive A Baby Girl Guide to help you with selecting your baby's gender. Their proven methods have a success rate of 92%. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!
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