Have you been looking forward to getting pregnant with a baby girl? You are not alone. Many are the people who indicate they want a girl either as the first born, they already have a boy or other reasons. No matter the reason you have for it, you have come to the right place.

While there is no proven method that guarantees you a baby girl outside the laboratory tactic, there are ways of making love that raise the chances with a huge margin. The post takes a closer look at the sex positions that have made couples keep smiling after adding princesses to their families.

The science behind conceiving a baby girl

The principle behind the sex positions that help moms conceive a baby girl and not a boy is based on the characteristic of sperms. When you have sexual intercourse, and the man ejaculates, male sperms (with Y chromosomes) and female sperms (with X chromosomes) are deposited in the birth canal.

The male sperms are shorter and smaller compared to the female ones. This means that they can only travel shorter distances once in the vagina. Though they are faster at shorter distances, they also die faster if they do not reach the egg immediately compared to the female sperms.

The female sperms, unlike the male ones, are heavily built. They are bigger and have longer tails. Their weight makes them travel slower though they can live longer waiting to fertilize the egg. Now, the sex positions take advantage of this proven nature of the female sperms with the aim of giving them an advantage over the male sperms.

NOTE: While the man produces both X and Y chromosomes, the woman’s egg only has X chromosomes. This means that you are looking for conception that will produce XX (girl) results. Here are the top sex positions you should use to conceive a baby girl.

The missionary style

The old missionary style might be the ultimate solution to conceiving a baby girl. When you go for the missionary style, the penetration is not deep. This means that the sperms have a long road to travel through the vagina, the cervix, and fallopian tubes. In such a situation, the male sperms will no doubt be outpaced, and you are likely to conceive a baby girl.
In his book, ‘How To Choose The Sex Of Your Baby,’ Dr. Shettles explains that position works well when the lady lays on her back with the legs straight or slightly apart. Then, the man enters from the top so that the penetration is minimal.


Like the missionary style, spooning aims at ensuring that the sperms are not deposited deep into the lady. By making the sperms to travel longer distance between the vagina and fallopian tubes, the hardy female sperms have an added advantage over the male ones.
The position involves lying on the side and folding the legs with knees coming close to the chest. Then, the man spoons from behind in the same position as he penetrates. The position is also very pleasurable.

Woman on top

Note that the woman on top position can work for couples looking forward to conceiving girls or boys. The secret is controlling the depth of the penetration. If you allow the man to go deeper, the chances are that you will conceive a baby boy. However, controlling the penetration so that the man ejaculates closest to the vaginal opening will give the female sperms advantage over the male ones.

The best way to score it with the girl on top position is having the man lying on his back, and letting him penetrate you as you lean towards his chest. You could also lean backward a little but with hands planted on his thighs. Some researchers also recommend that you lie on him with the legs straight so that it looks like the missionary style but with the girl on top.

Four more things to do to raise chances of getting a baby girl

As you pick the best sex position to conceive a baby girl, do not stop there. Remember that you are simply working on creating the best environment that will favor the female sperms to fertilize the egg. Here are three more things you should pair with the right sex positions.

  • Get it right on timing. Because you know that the male sperms last for a shorter time once deposited in the vagina, ensure to have sex about four days before ovulation. This means that only the female sperms will be around waiting for the egg because they can last for longer.
  • Select the right foods. The food you take is very crucial in ensuring your body works well. Here, you want the vagina, fallopian tubes, and the uterus to be less alkaline. Therefore, go for the food selections that help to make the body slightly acidic.
  • Avoid orgasm. Avoiding orgasm could be your gateway to conceiving a female baby. When you orgasm, the woman’s body releases alkaline secretions that are known to facilitate better survival of the male sperms. If you can avoid having an orgasm, it means that the birth canal and the route used by the sperm to fertilize the egg will be less alkaline. This will give the female sperms a chance to outdo the male sperms.
  • Enlist your partner’s cooperation when trying to have a girl. This is because there will be many changes to the usual sex routine that needs both to be prepared. For example, you need to be psychologically prepared to go with shorter penetration positions if you are used to deeper penetration that is considered more pleasurable.

The final take

If you have been looking forward to conceiving a baby girl, it is important to understand the science behind conception. The selected sex positions should help to give the female sperms advantage over the male one. Couples are also advised to have sex as much as possible starting from the last menstrual period until about four days to the next ovulation.

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