If you ask most couples out there, they have a preference on the gender of their babies. To conceive a baby girl, you are encouraged to have sexual intercourse at least four days before ovulation to provide the female sperms with a better opportunity to reach the egg and fertilize it.

When a couple has a sexual intercourse, two types of sperms are released by the man; the male sperms (have Y chromosomes) and female sperms (have X chromosomes). The secret behind the timing method takes into consideration the nature of the two types of sperms to give an advantage to the female sperms while discouraging the male ones.

A closer look at the nature of the male sperms and female sperms

According to Dr. Shettles, the male sperm is smaller in size and has a shorter tail compared to the female sperms. Its lightness makes it easy to travel faster but only at shorter distances. On the other hand, the female sperms are bigger and have longer tails. They are also very hardy. This implies that they travel slower, can live longer, and overcome harsher environments such as acidity in the uterus. The secret behind the timing method exploits these sperm traits to ensure that they are deposited at the point when they have an advantage over the male sperms. If you are looking forward to conceiving a baby girl, here are the best times to consider.

March to May is the best time to conceive a baby girl

While you are busy wondering about the best way to conceive a baby girl, it will come as a surprise to realize that nature has a way of striking a balance between boys and girls in the globe. If you are trying to get a baby girl, it is better to keep off trying to conceive in autumn. This is the ideal time for getting a baby boy.

In their research, Angelo Cagnacci and his team in Modena Italy established that you are more likely to conceive girls in the months of March to May (Springs) than other time of the year. Nature works towards having a ratio of 50:50 of boys to girls. However, the actual ratio tilts towards the girls because the mortality of boys is higher in the womb and during birth. To raise the chances of getting a girl during these months, consider taking the right diet and sex positions.

Purpose to have sexual intercourse well before ovulation

One thing that must be clear when working on conceiving a baby girl is that timing must be right. Reproduction experts recommend that you should have sex as much as possible starting from the last period to about four days before ovulation. Consider this in three different ways;

  • Have sex no less than four days before you ovulate. The nature of the sperms produced during an ejaculation is that the female sperms are hardy and will be able to last for more than four days waiting for the egg. On the other hand, the male sperm will have tired off or even died by the time the egg is available for fertilization.
  • Have a lot of sexual intercourse in the course of the month. Just like the male sperms die off because of different factors, even the female sperms will eventually die. Therefore, you need to have a lot of hardy female sperms by having sex every other day. Note that sex should stop about four days to ovulation.
  • Take ample rest especially days towards ovulation. When sperms are deposited on the birth canal, they have to overcome a lot of forces including gravity to swim upwards. Days towards ovulation, the female sperms are likely to be tired after a lot of traveling and waiting for days to fertilize the egg. Therefore, it is important to be restful to reduce the effect of gravity on the female sperms.

Calculating the right ovulation time

One thing that you must get right when trying to get a baby girl is ovulation. Ovulation is the release of an egg by a woman from the ovaries. The egg travels down through the fallopian tubes where it meets the sperms and gets fertilized. To conceive a girl, you want to know when ovulation will take place and ensure that the female sperms are there to fertilize it.

Ovulation takes place on every 14th day of the menstrual cycle. This means that women who have a regular cycle of 28 days are likely to ovulate on the 14th day. This is approximately 14 days before the next period. Once the egg is released, there is only a 12-24 hours window to fertilize it. This means you have to get it right when ovulation starts. The following are the main methods that you can use to tell when ovulation starts.

  • Monitor the basal body temperature (BBT): This is the body temperature at rest. During ovulation, the body temperature dips with about 0.4 to about 1.0 degrees F. To track this temperature shift, consider using a digital thermometer after waking up. Note that you are talking about a sustained dip and not an irregular shift. Reproduction experts also recommend that you follow the trend for a number of months to be sure.
  • Utilize the menstrual string: Though this is very simplistic, it is highly effective. The method entails following an ovulation chart to point at the days when ovulation starts. Like the BBT method, it is important to follow the process for a number of months.
  • Utilize an ovulation kit: The ovulation kits, commonly referred as OTC/Ovulation-Prediction Kits measure Luteinizing Hormone (LH) that is released during ovulation. The hormone can be detected in urine on the 14th and 15th days of the menstrual cycle.

The final take

Though a lot of theories on how to conceive a baby girl are available, experts agree that timing is the most effective. But you can raise the chances of getting a baby girl by combining timing with sex positions to discourage deep penetration and foods that promote acidity in the uterus.

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